Punita Bhasin is a creative IP and Transactional counsel with a broad range of experience in advising clients on contracts, technology transaction, innovation and its protection. She has demonstrated expertise in developing contracts drafting and managing approaches, strategies to protect IP domestically and internationally, managing in and out licensing activities, and managing licenses for products.

Our Practice

Patent Search and Opinion

We collaborate with commercial patent search firms and provide analysis based on the search results. We also analyze a specific patent as requested and provide an opinion.

Patent Drafting and Prosecution

We help clients in patent drafting and prosecution needs in biochemical, biomedical, mechanical, virtual reality, assay development, cell signaling, clean technology, and diagnostics.

Trademark Search and Filing

We help clients in a domestic and international trademark search. We help file trademark applications with USPTO or international trademark applications through the Madrid System.

Contracts Drafting And Review

We help clients in their contract needs including drafting/reviewing CDAs, MSAs, Collaboration agreements, Consulting agreement, Technology License agreement, Technology Transfer agreement, MTAs, Terms and Conditions of Sale, and Cloud-based Service agreement.

Why Choose Us


Punita Bhasin, Ph.D., JD. has over ten years of scientific and patent practice experience, including in-house experience as a Patents and Contracts Specialist. She specializes in the areas of biochemistry, biomedical devices, cleantech and pharmaceuticals; and biotechnology.

Ms. Bhasin is a partner with the Family Justice Center providing creative solutions to family law needs of low-income families.

You Are Our Priority

We value our clients. The firm takes pride in prioritizing clients and their needs. We make sure that clients are well informed and involved in the process.

Client-centered Budgeting

We provide flat fee and per hour pricing allowing clients flexibility and control over their budget.

Our Clientele

We provide services to individual inventors, universities, small start-up companies, corporations, venture capital firms, and research organizations.

Our Philosophy


Time Is Valuable

We value our client’s time. We make sure we are responding to our clients within 24 hours of receiving their messages with the best possible solutions.



Communication is key to a healthy relationship. We use this philosophy in our business also. We make sure that we are communicating with the clients regularly. We keep our clients well informed.


Committed to Excellence

The firm takes pride in helping businesses and individuals with their needs and bringing out the best possible outcome.

Let's Work Together